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Mystique Rachel:
Sisterly time with Katniss Kitty
☑ Siblingly time with James Rogers Jake
☑ Pining over Sam Wesson at the diner (possibly after she's figured out the shapeshifting thing and almost approaches him looking like his girlfriend, but chickens out?)
☑ Talking to Mr. Bossman, aka Ned Fred
☑ Family dinner with The Archers for maximum sadness overdrive later
☑ Bootlegging booze for Bucky James Winters like a responsible adult, possibly fooling around like an even more responsible adult

Gadreel Gale:
☑ Offering Lucifer Luke the stray Boa that came into the Shelter
Awkward talks with his son Kevin Daniel
☑ Remembering that he totally murdered the shit out of Daniel (whoops)
Hilariously terrible coffee date with Lilith Lily, the girl he's been pining after for literal decades and who was formerly dating Luke
☑ Resurrecting an animal at the shelter as a segway into angel-powers-land (??? Clint Barton)
☑ Talking to Castiel, probably about how their brothers hate their life decisions
☑ Hanging out with Will Damien, because Gale still makes super great life choices
☑ Possibly having a work-type scenario with Dr. Lecter Dr. Fell
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Mystique to-thread-list - depowered event:
⌚ Erik (shoulder-crying)
☑ Bruce
☑ Loki (YA)
⌚ Roman (talking?)

Mystique to-thread-list - aphro event:
⌚ Roland (sexy...?)
⌚ Bucky (tbd - sexy?)
☑ Cyclops/Magneto/Emma (sexy!) - her thread
☑ Biff (tbd)
⌚ Loki (YA - makeouts)
⌚ Natasha Romanoff
☑ Bruce (tbd - sexy?)
⌚ Steph (makeouts)
⌚ Jesse Pinkman (makeouts/more?)

Hank to-thread-list - aphro event:
⌚ Marion (makeouts? on Eddie's desk?)
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- Tag Eddie yelling at the generator
- Post to the police station with Hank
- Post Vicki staring at the faery castles suspiciously (Dec 15)
- Tag at least 1 person on the 11-15th with Hank
- Tag at least 1 NEW person on the 11-15th with Vicki You did two, have a cookie.
- Raven's app
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Hey hey, everyone!

This is Lettie's inbox for your questions/concerns/new makeup and hairstyle suggestions for [community profile] exsilium where I am a helper mod that deals with updating lists such as the OOC contact, taken characters, permissions/etc post!

Also feel free to leave general suggestions about my rp (style, speed, omg gfto) here! Anon is on, IP logging is off.


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